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FaceKey Security Access Control Blog

FaceKey Biometric Access Control Reduces Customer Costs and Increases Integrator Profits

Cost and the level of security access control are always of key importance to customers.  FaceKey’s biometric access control products offer integrators a new solution:  a higher level of security and cost savings for customers and larger profit margins for integrators.  The design of the system reduces costs for both the customer and the integrator. 

The biometric access control promises true security and cost savings to the customer: 

·         A higher level of security which cards cannot provide,
·         No cards to manage,
·         Saves time on installation,
·         Less cabling is required;  maximizes the usage of the corporate network, and
·         In house management if desired.

Typical savings to the integrator are about 25%:   

·         Reduced installation costs, products are Ethernet based (TCP/IP) removing the need for multiple wires.. 
·         Saves hours, reduction of a major cost, 
·         Saves training time. Training is usually completed in less than four hours, and
·         Saves setup time.   

FaceKey’s training and customer service provides best in the world support.  You get real answers by talking to a real person, not a contracted call service center or automated phone system.

·         Saves time on training, usually 2 to 3 hours at FaceKey’s office or via Go-To Meeting.

Training and customer support does not stop after the initial training class: FaceKey supports its software and hardware for one full year without addition cost.  

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