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Access Control and Security News
15 Jul 14: Biometrics Is Not New! Drawings made by cave men show a palm print identifier.  The Chinese used palm and footprints five hundred years ago.  Skull measurements and length... [More...]
13 Jun 14: Our 2014 Catalog has a New Face The 2014 catalog has a new format.  A drawing on page 3 shows the entire security access control system and how it is used.  Beginning on page 5 the... [More...]
6 May 14: FaceKey Biometric Access Control Reduces Customer Costs and Increases Integrator Profits Cost and the level of security access control are always of key importance to customers.  FaceKey’s biometric access control products offer integrators... [More...]
16 Apr 14: United Security Alliance, Tampa, FL likes FaceKey's Biometric Products Under the vision and direction of President Terry Ottinger, United Security Alliance (usasolutions.com) has created comprehensive turnkey programs nationw... [More...]
3 Feb 14: Biometrics: Knowing "WHO" Matters Biometric technologies increase security, reduce risk and make us safer because knowing “who” matters if you are really serious about safety and security.... [More...]
10 Dec 13: Who Says Biometrics don't Work Outdoors Who says that biometrics doesn’t work outdoors.  During a recent visit to Dallas, FaceKey visited with an early customer to check out the performanc... [More...]

FaceKey’s family of security access control, time and attendance systems, and muster stations are reliable and efficient.

Whether it’s building access control, time and attendance or muster stations, you can depend on FaceKey security solutions for maximum efficiency. Our advanced fingerprint access control or facial recognition products reliably identify authorized personnel so that you can efficiently restrict areas to specific employees; automate the payroll process to prevent errors and “buddy punching”, and instantly identify missing personnel in emergencies.

The value of the FaceKey family of access control products.

biometric access control | security access control | fingerprint access control

Our biometric access control solutions are designed to save you money.

FaceKey products provide small business owners many ways to save. You’ll save on cards, keys and
re-keying, because none are required. And FaceKey products are built to run on common networks. So,
if you purchase one product and add others later, they can all be easily and economically integrated
helping to reduce and minimize instalation costs. And no matter which of the Facekey family of products
fits your needs, they can all be easily managed by your IT department.

Enjoy a level of business security that tops any on the market.

There are lots of security products out there. But FaceKey security systems have been proven superior
in a variety of environments. Our biometric products have a track record of reducing fraud and labor
costs and freeing up valuable employees. More importantly, FaceKey products identify authorized persons
which will provide a level of security that surpasses any others on the market today.

Speed, Reliability and Security:

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